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Eye Mask

Eye Mask

Rest in total darkness

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With its total blackout and ergonomic design, it is the best ally of those who need to switch off and rest in absolute comfort.

| Midnight Grey

100% blackout eye mask

Thanks to its adaptive face contouring, Eye Mask allows users to slip into complete darkness—even with open eyes. Experience undisturbed sleep for deep, restorative Rest and relaxation.

Versatile and accommodating, Eye Mask is suitable for all sleeping positions, regardless of how you rest.

3D ergonomic design

Eye Mask features a revolutionary 3D design, contouring perfectly to any face. Ergonomically adapted for unparalleled comfort and optimal eye cover.

Eye Mask boasts a revolutionary three-dimensional design. Its six layers are meticulously designed to conform to any face shape, striking the perfect balance between density and softness and ensuring maximum comfort, functionality, and durability.

Weighing in at just 1 oz (30 g), Eye Mask is so feather-light, you’ll forget you’re wearing it as you doze off at home or as your travel Eye Mask.

Pressure-free comfort

Contoured eye cups eliminate pressure on the eyes for a blink-friendly fit. Its soft, smooth-edged contoured nose bridge allows you to breathe easily and prevents irritation, promoting undisturbed sleep and relaxation.

Silky smooth and velvety on the skin, Eye Mask has a soft-to-the-touch texture that pampers the skim and enhances overall comfort.

Stay cool and comfortable with the breathable construction, ensuring proper airflow for a refreshing and uninterrupted sleep experience.

Adaptable fit

Versatile and accommodating, Eye Mask adjusts to fit a variety of facial sizes, features, and bone structures, ensuring a personalized, snug fit for every user.

The soft closure contributes to a seamless sleep routine by preventing hair pulling and ensuring gentle, tangle-free removal and adjusting.

Eye Mask Specs


Breathable modal fabric
Premium hook and loop closure


1oz · 30g


30 x 8,5 x 3 (cm)
11,8 x 3,4 x 1,1 (inches)


Yes, Machine Washable


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