Where to find the best last minute travel deals for all budgets

Do you have an unexpected vacation and a tight budget ahead of you? Pack your bags and switch to travel mood, although you have to be ready for surprises!

Most of us love traveling, the easiness of it is something we are all thankful for. Be it a short business trip, a long vacation, a visit to your sick grandmother you don’t know for how long, there’s always a travel deal waiting around the corner that is just right for you. You have time to prepare, pack, and look up the deal that suits your requirements.

But what happens when you don’t have the luxury of time? When you were incredibly forgetful, or so busy that you didn’t book a deal? When a sudden bout of wanderlust hits, when you just need to get away, or when the plan to travel was so sudden- so last minute, that you are absolutely desperate for last-minute travel deals? Nowadays, finding last minute travel deals is not hard at all.

Last minute travel deals anywhere

It doesn’t matter where you are, even if that is under a rock and you want to migrate to a desert. You can find last minutes travel deals anywhere!


The name defines the purpose. This site is great for booking last minute, spur of the moment travel deals. With features offering deals on everything from flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, activities and travel packages, this is the go-to, all-inclusive site for last-minute travelers. The favorite thing about this site was how easy it was to use. It also has super cheap deals and discounts with its ‘Undercover Hotels’ feature. Along with this site, you can also check out GoLastMinute.com.

Best last minute travel deals

Travel zoo

This revered travel site will turn out to be your absolute favorite. The care they take of their costumers stands out more than anything. With its 'Flexible Deals' and 'Save Now, Travel Later' deals, this is your typical cooperative site. And what could we want more than a travel site that takes care of us? Like LastMinute, it also has all-inclusive deals for everything from flights and hotels to fully planted vacations. There are also those refundable deals to consider.


Priceline.com features deals on flights, hotels, rental cars and cruises. It doesn’t just have a site, it has an app too! With a search engine designed to provide you with the most accurate and amazingly cheap results, this website is a sight for sore eyes. They also have a new feature called ‘Pricebreaker' where you choose three hotels and they pick one of them for you. It adds a little mystery- and mystery is fun, right? Priceline also takes care of our budgets with its all-inclusive Bundle+Save feature!


Expedia offers deals on hotels, rental cars, flights, and things to do. It has all-inclusive bundles for trips that allow you to save big time. With its great customer service, their site is designed to appeal to your preferences. They have last-minute all-inclusive and separate deals, and every one of them with a great price. And most importantly, they understand the need to get away, so they inspire.


Travelocity is your typical website for last-minute deals. They understand the magic of unexpected getaways, the joy they can bring. This website has deals for planned trips and things to do, along with hotels, flights, cruises, cars, vacation packages and more. They also have great discounts on all the hotels with easily accessible promo codes. There's always your kind of deal just around the corner.

And there is always the no.1 GoogleFlights and the traditional CheapOair!

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