What are compression socks used for? A stylish aid for your day to day

Say goodbye to the swelling, the blood pooling and the fatigue of legs and feet without effort and without losing your own style.

Compression socks are seeing a surge in popularity these days, and for good reason: they are incredibly useful for a variety of common foot, leg, ankle and calf issues. Gone are the days where compression socks are simply for those with vein diseases. The benefits of compression therapy extend far and wide! Read on for all the details.

What do compression socks do?

Compression socks harness the power of gentle pressure to ease swelling and aching in the feet, ankles and legs, as well as help prevent and/or treat varicose veins. Compression therapy works by boosting circulation to help keep your legs and feet energized throughout the day. By applying this light pressure to your legs and ankles, compression socks promote proper blood flow from your legs to your heart which can not only ease swelling in the calves, but also provide relief for shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and other lower leg ailments, as well as assisting in recovery from exercise.

Since compression socks can stimulate blood flow, which brings with it fresh oxygen and nutrients to your body at the cellular level, you can jumpstart the recovery process, improve comfort and performance both before and after your workouts. By supporting healthy circulation, compression socks can lower your risk of blood clots, reduce leg fatigue and restless leg syndrome as well as support your muscles.

What are compression socks good for?

Compression socks have traditionally been used by those with deep vein thrombosis, spider or varicose veins, or other blood circulation issues, but we are just now getting into the many and varied users who can benefit from this treatment. Healthy circulation is something we can all use, but there are a few groups of people for whom compression socks are notably useful.

Long-distance runners and other regular exercisers can use compression socks to speed up their post-exercise recovery. A boost in blood flow after a workout can aid in muscle recovery and help avoid swelling and muscle soreness.

Bamboo Compression Socks by Ostrichpillow

Those who have a desk job or any job that requires long periods of sitting, or are mostly sedentary can also benefit greatly from compression socks. With just the right amount of support and compression in the heel, foot, calves and toes, compression socks can help relieve the pain and prevent the fluid buildup associated with long durations of sitting.

Conversely, those who are on their feet the majority of the day can reap the benefits of compression socks as well, as their stimulation of blood flow can energize the lower legs to prevent swelling and reduce leg fatigue.

Compression socks can also be beneficial during pregnancy, a time when the legs become easily tired and achy, and restless leg syndrome is common. Keep in mind however, that you should always speak with your doctor before implementing any new health or wellness technologies during pregnancy.

Those who travel often may also find compression socks particularly useful –whether they are seated in an airplane or car for long durations or spend a lot of time walking around.

Compression socks might be the answer to your foot and calf pain woes, no matter if they stem from exercise, work, travel or another reason entirely.

Our compression socks

Our Bamboo Compression Socks were made with all of these potential users in mind. With a gradual compression and a comfortable bamboo fiber blend, they help control swelling in the feet, ankles and lower legs. Soft and form-fitting, the Bamboo Compression Socks are breathable, durable, eco-friendly and even boast antimicrobial properties for an odorless fit. Function is important of course, but we didn’t want to neglect style, either. They have a sophisticated style and contemporary design, without looking like medical-grade attire.

 Whether you spend your days seated at the computer, walking the hallways of a hospital, standing in front of a classroom, running through hills and valleys or traveling the world, compression socks can be an easy addition to your routine to take the pain out of your daily life.


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