Trouble falling asleep? Learn about the benefits of an Eye Mask for sleeping

Eye Mask for Sleeping

After a long day, there’s nothing better than getting into bed for some restful sleep. But many people struggle to fall asleep — and stay asleep — for a variety of reasons. You might be stressed about an issue at work; worrying about a friend or family member; or just can’t stop your thoughts from running wild, just when you’re supposed to be relaxing and drifting off into dreamland. Another issue that keeps people from getting good rest is less-than-ideal sleeping accommodations. A room that is too hot, too cold, or too bright can prevent you from falling or staying asleep and getting the rest you need. One solution is to use an eye mask for sleeping to help block out extra light and create a sense of calm, secure darkness that can make feeling relaxed and falling asleep easier. 

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Sleep masks have been around for awhile, and there’s been many different takes on the design and functionality of these basic sleep accessories. Most sleep masks have some pretty obvious drawbacks: they don’t fit properly around your head, or they slip and let in light, defeating the purpose of wearing a sleep mask in the first place. Other sleep masks might press tightly against your eyes, creating discomfort and making it hard to get comfortable. 

That’s why Ostrichpillow set to work developing a sleep mask that not only fits every head size perfectly, but also blocks light and lets you open and close your eyes while you’re wearing it. Eye Mask from Ostrichpillow has many unique, innovative features, including a 3-D ergonomic design that provides a perfect fit on any head shape — eliminating light leaks completely in conjunction with six layers of light-blocking fabric. With Eye Mask, even those who sleep on their sides or stomachs can block out light and get the rest we all need to feel refreshed, clear-headed, and fully awake. No need to worry about sore eyes after wearing Eye Mask. It allows you to open and close your eyes freely, so you can enjoy total darkness even with your eyes wide open. 

Eye Mask for sleeping

Does an Eye Mask help sleep?

We’ve all tried to fall asleep on the train or on a flight and been kept awake by bright light. Using an eye mask that fits properly and blocks the light can let your eyes rest and help you disconnect from the outside world, allowing you to fall asleep and stay asleep. It comes with its own travel pouch and can provide instant relief from bright light on planes, trains, or any time you need to give your eyes a break. Eye Mask is compatible with earplugs and earbuds, making it perfect for times when you need to sleep or just meditate or enjoy a moment of darkness and silence — even when you’re in a crowded airport or in the office. 

Eye Mask from Ostrichpillow

If you’ve been looking for solutions to sleep issues, trying an eye mask for sleep might be a great way to help get the Zzzs you need. Give yourself the gift of good sleep and enjoy the simple Self-Care of feeling well-rested, awake, and ready for wherever your day takes you.



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