Travel photography tips in one shot for unforgettable memories

The worst thing about travel is that it always ends. Luckily you have pictures to relive the experiences – and if they are good, to surprise your friends. Smile!

If you love to travel and you love taking pictures, you'll love these travel photography tips. Not because you'll get some unbelievable photos or become a professional – that takes more than a blog post – but because, as you'll see later, the desire to get better photos will lead to unexpected experiences. If you start applying these tricks, your travels will never be the same – and you'll have some nice images to prove it. Put the camera in your luggage and let's go!

Know your gear

Whether you use a professional camera or a smartphone, the most important thing is to know all its capabilities so you can make the most of them – and not get frustrated when something doesn't turn out the way you imagined. Even the simplest cameras often have numerous settings to work magic with, but it takes a little research. Plus, experimenting is a lot of fun!

Make a list of places

Travel is always unexpected. But if you are planning to visit some specific landmarks, it is always useful to search those places first in platforms such as Google Maps, Instagram or Pinterest to see which frames and perspectives are the most suitable for photography. Once there, use that information to give your own vision.

Escape from tourists

Tourists are everywhere, even in the most remote jungles. But their habits are fixed, so if you want to photograph that cool place with no one to spoil your picture, take advantage of the early morning or late night hours. It takes more effort, but the result is worth it.

Don’t be afraid of exploring

The best experiences are those you don't expect. The same goes for photos. Make sure you always have your camera ready and jump off your marked route. Look at the details, because they are what make every place special.

Use the rule of thirds

Break an image into three equal parts either vertically, horizontally or both. The goal is to place key compositional elements into those thirds. Some cameras and smartphones include a grid by default.

Travel photography tips for solo traveler

Traveling alone has many advantages, as we told you in this post. But a big disadvantage: it is difficult to immortalize that trip and appear in the photos. That's why we wanted to compile these travel photography tips for solo travelers.

Use a tripod

The lonely photographer's best friend. Forget about selfies with strange frames and pose comfortably in your photos. If you use your smartphone or a small camera, there are lightweight tripods with flexible legs that adapt to all terrains and can even be rolled up around poles. Set the timer and smile.

Selfie sticks are ok (sometimes)

It's normal to feel a little silly using a selfie stick, but sometimes they can be quite useful. Especially if your trips include places of complicated geography where it's easy for the camera to get damaged. In those cases, the stick + GoPro-like camera combination is a winner: it will give you hard-to-get shots and the risk will be minimal.

Ask for help (if you feel it)

One of the most exciting things about traveling is meeting new people. Asking for help taking a picture is a good way to start a conversation. Try to find someone who has a camera with them, you’ll be sure they know how to use it. Try to explain clearly what you want but don't demand too much. And if you identify any other single traveler, don't forget to ask their advice on the best places to take pictures. You can even share the rest of the trip together!

There are many more travel photography tips, especially technical ones, that can help you take great pictures, but our biggest recommendation is that you should not be afraid to experiment and have fun doing it. This way you will find your own style. One last piece of advice: wherever you go, don't forget to take a travel pillow with you. Rest is a must for any photographer.

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Photo by Alif Ngoylung on Unsplash
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