The 5 best travel guide books to plan your trip like an expert

They fill us with excitement and dreams before the trip and help us not to get lost once there. Even the most adventurous always carry one in their backpack. Pick your own.

It doesn't matter if you are a hardcore traveler or a first-timer: from the moment you decide your next destination, the very first item on your checklist should be one of the next best travel guide books. It's true that nowadays the idea of carrying a book – a heavy one, most of the time – sounds a bit outdated when a lot of information is instantly available on our mobile phone. But travel guides are another story: written by passionate nomads, they often include facts and tricks only known by the locals, and they are always there even when the signal fails. And along with the practical information, they always include that inspiring component that makes us read them before we start our journey, making us imagine what we will find when we arrive. The next five are the best we've tried. Pack yours!

The best travel guides

Lonely Planet

They are a classic since they published their first guide in the 70s. There is a book for almost every destination on the planet you can imagine, and they are especially useful when you travel to a region rather than a particular city. Designed for travelers of all types, they include many alternatives and activities as well as very detailed tips for moving around the countries. They are the best selling in the U.S. since 2012 not by chance. Extra tip: if you are thinking of traveling to Australia or New Zealand, definitely go for Lonely Planet.

Rough Guides

If you are looking for some adventure that goes beyond the norm when you travel, these are your guides. Hiking, tramping and all kinds of activities are carefully picked up here, paying special attention to the in-between places that are not part of the traditional circuits. They also have deep insights into the cultural aspects of each country, so if History is your thing, you're in luck.

DK Eyewitness

DK topped the list of best guide books at the 2020 Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards. Not bad, isn't it? Rich in high-quality photos and beautiful illustrations, DK is a must for all lovers of art, architecture, and culture in general. The maps and visuals are detailed and tremendously user-friendly. If you are one of those who enjoy watching instead of doing, go for it.


Have you heard of slow travel? With these guides you'll be an expert. Not only do they propose a more sustainable and relaxed way of traveling, but they also go deeper into the cultural aspects of each place and explain them in a comprehensive way so that the traveler can adapt as best as possible. Although they were originally for British travelers venturing into Europe, they have now expanded to the whole world and those dedicated to Africa are particularly noteworthy.

Blue Guides

Do you enjoy guided tours that explain every detail and background of the sites? Taking a Blue Guide with you is like having a personalized guide. Art, architecture, and archaeology are filtered through these books with over a century of history, which include detailed maps of museums and historical attractions. You'll want to read them even if you don't travel.

Best travel guides

The best online travel guides

Not a fan of books? Don't worry, we've also selected the best online travel guides so your screen won't miss a thing.

Spotted by locals

Who better than a local to tell you the best-kept secrets of each place? On this popular site – which is also updated more often than guidebooks – locals share plenty of information about local restaurants, bars, clubs, specialty grocery stores, shops, markets, and plenty of other "under-the-radar" spots.


Supported by Conde Nast Publishers – and including content from their popular Condé Nast Traveller Magazine –, in this site you can find ideas and suggestions off the beaten track for more than 200 destinations.

Superfuture SuperGuides

The place to visit for those who love trends, fashion, and design. Cool places, new shops, and everything you need for luxury travel is in these guides with frequent updates.

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