Road trip checklist for amazing car journeys

Lonely roads, your favorite playlist rumbling above the engine noise and a map you don't pay too much attention to. What else do you need?

The tank is full of petrol, the suitcases in the trunk and the desire to travel to the top: the road trip checklist is already done – but only if you are an experienced adventurer. Road trips are synonymous with freedom, as you can go wherever you want whenever you want, but that's precisely why they are more likely to provoke unexpected situations you should be prepared for. Take advantage of cars having a lot of space and don't forget the following items, so the breeze coming through the window is your main concern.

Road trip essentials

Basic car stuff

  • Papers: license, registration and insurance are a must if you don't want any legal problems. The car’s manual is also useful even if you know nothing about mechanics.
  • Spare tire: make sure is in good condition and that you know how to change it – if don’t, check the car’s manual (see what we mean?).
  • Emergency kit: it should contain at least warning triangles, battery booster cables, a flashlight (check the batteries), a reflective vest and some tools like screwdrivers and wrenches.
  • Snow kit: if you’re heading snowy areas, get some tire chains, a scrub brush and a scraper. Window cars freeze easily.

For when getting lost

  • Paper maps: your cellphone is useful until it runs out of battery or there is no signal. Old school maps work everywhere and also includes tons of useful information
  • First aid kit: because accidents happen. Bandages, antiseptic and small scissors can make a big difference.
  • Water: a lot. Not only for keeping yourself hydrated, but also the engine of your car in extremely hot places.
  • Spare money: what if you need to use an old phone box?
  • Warm blankets: the car’s heating is not enough if you need to sleep in the car. Get at least one per passenger.
  • Power bank: your gadgets need power to work. This can be a life-saver.

Essential comfort

  • Toilet paper and baby wipes: they are multipurpose and help you stay clean and refreshed in all kinds of situations.
  • Sunglasses: a clear view of the road is the most important thing.
  • Hand sanitizer: the fastest way to keep your hands clean anywhere.
  • Travel pillow: great for co-drivers. OSTRICHPILLOW Go offers custom size thanks to its memory foam core, so all passengers can use it.
  • Towels: if you have read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy you know what’s the deal.
  • Snacks: they provide energy and fill hungry stomachs.
  • Travel toothbrush: bad breath within a car can be unpleasant.

Road trip essentials

Once you have completed the road trip checklist is time to drive. If traveling alone, there’s not much you can do to be entertained rather than listen – and singing – your favourite tunes, but if you are accompanied, it's always fun to spend time playing games – even if all passengers are adults.

The jukebox

Crazy about music? Let’s test it. In this game one person starts by singing a fragment of a song, and the next player has to connect it with another and so on. The game ends when one of the players do not know how to continue.

The theater

This is for those who watch movies all day long. It starts when someone names an actor or actress. Then, the next player has to say a movie – or series – where he or she was in. The following person has to mention another actor or actress from that movie. It keeps going until someone fails.

The celebrity

There’s an actual winner in this game. One person thinks about a celebrity, and the rest of the players ask questions – in turn – trying to guess who he or she is. Whoever guesses correctly first wins.

All set? Don't forget to double-check the road trip checklist before you leave, and of course, enjoy!

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Header photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash
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