Prevent muscle discomfort with the new Heated Neck Wrap


Soreness in your neck can be inconvenient and painful. So, it is better to deal with this issue early on, as neck pain can cause a lot of other problems for you down the road. Not only will it be harder to move your head and neck, but many other simple day-to-day activities and tasks will be a lot more challenging for you. Muscle discomfort in your neck can also lead to more serious ailments, as headaches and pain in other areas of your body.

In some cases, soreness and pain in your neck muscles won’t cause you any major long-term problems. A lot of people are able to resolve neck pain in a matter of days or weeks. But, with more frequent bouts of neck discomfort, you can be in danger of more serious health issues. So, using Heated Neck Wrap after a stressful day can do you a lot of good. 

What causes muscle discomfort in the neck? 

The source of your neck discomfort can make your neck aches more or less painful. We’ll see some common causes of muscle discomfort in your neck. This way you can fully understand how to treat your problems, and how Heated Neck Wrap can help you specifically.

Common causes of muscle discomfort in the neck

  • Injury is one of the most common sources of neck discomfort. Anything ranging from a vehicle accident, direct trauma to the neck, and sports injuries can make your muscles damaged and sore.
  • Small sprains in the neck can cause pain, as well. When the muscles in your neck become torn or sprained, you will feel more pain. You can’t prevent an injury from happening in most cases. But if you get injured, taking action right away with Heated Neck Wrap can prevent major discomfort as you heal. 


  • Osteoarthritis can also create neck issues for you, and this type of arthritis is usually caused by neck injuries. Many people complain of stiffness and soreness with this condition. But, using a neck wrap can help immensely, too.
  • Pinched nerves are another common cause of neck discomfort. A few different medical conditions can cause the nerves in your neck to become pinched. As a result, your neck and a few other areas of your body will become inflamed and painful.
  • But, it's not just physical problems that can create neck discomfort. Emotional and mental stress can make your muscles tense up and spasm painfully. Many of us don’t realize just how stressed out we are. And then, neck pain comes out of nowhere and reminds us.

How does a heated shoulder and neck wrap work?


Neck wraps can prevent pain in a range of situations. The Heated Neck Wrap offers support and heat to help prevent and relieve neck soreness and aches. With more support to your neck muscles, you won’t strain your neck as much, and this area of your body will be stabilized. This makes it easier for you to rest and relax without creating pain in this area of your body.

Along with this, heating your neck up can also be useful for pain prevention. Heat brings down swelling and causes the muscles to loosen. The more tension you have in the neck the more discomfort you will feel. So, using Heated Neck Wrap to relax your neck can really help ward off aches and pains. 

Finally, the structure and heat offered by Heated Neck Wrap will create better circulation and oxygen flow. With better blood flow, your neck will rejuvenate itself and heal the muscles in your neck more easily! This results in much better pain outcomes.

How often should you use your microwavable Heated Neck Wrap?

Neck wraps are safe to use and won’t cause any serious medical issues for you in the long term. You can use this product for as long as you want. But, you want to give yourself a break every now and then. The muscles in your neck need to move and function without the help of a microwavable neck wrap. But feel free to put Heated Neck Wrap on once you get home from work, for as long as you like.


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