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Need help figuring out what to pack on your next trip? We've got you covered.

You can’t buy happiness, but research shows that money spent on experiences, rather than just stuff, does make you happier. That explains what makes travel so special. And while it’s the places you go that make a trip memorable, the way that you get there has a huge impact on the quality of your experience. 

Here’s our essential packing list for the things that keep us creative, charged up, and all-in-all ready to enjoy everything that each trip has to offer.

A Write Sketch & notebook 

Travel is all about making memories - and that means more than just taking photos. The aptly named company Write Sketch & notebook & offers the perfect way to do that with their beautifully designed notebooks which make your travel diaries, doodles, and trip agendas feel that much more special.


A CLOSCA water bottle
To battle the fatigue-inducing dryness of airplanes, and to arrive a little bit fresher, the Closca Bottle makes an excellent travel companion. With a silicon flap that can wrap around the strap of your bag, there’s no more worrying about fumbling with full hands when it’s time to present your passport. Added bonus: With over 200,000 locations marked across the world, the free Closca water app makes it easy to find a spot for your next refill.


A Takenaka bento box
We've already talked about how packing airplane snacks is a great way to deal with adjusting to different time zones (and thus mealtimes). Besides, who hasn't paid way too much for way too little when eating at an airport? To get our sandwiches and fresh cut veggies travel-ready, we love using Takenaka bento boxes. Available in a variety of sizes, they’re cute, durable, and come in a wide offering of splashy colors. 


Being well rested makes you feel like you can take on the world, which is why we’re so passionate about creating products that help you make the most of your trip. Light’s versatility makes it great for light packers, since it can be worn on your head or neck. Able to be carried hands-free, and even doubling as an eye mask, this multi-use travel pillow makes it easy to rest your head no matter where life takes you. 



A Native Union key cable
What do you do with your house keys when you’re far away from home? Since you can’t exactly leave them behind, we love Native Union’s key cable – which offers a clever way to make them useful wherever you travel. Concealing a USB and phone connector so that you’re always prepared for a charging emergency, its compact rope knot design makes this keychain both practical and stylish.  

An Away suitcase
To hold everything, we trust the Away suitcase’s polycarbonate shell, which comes with a built-in lock and keeps everything inside nice and safe while still offering a bit of flex so that you can fit in all those extra souvenirs. The airplane-friendly ejectable battery is an added bonus, since it holds enough power to charge your phone up 5 times, giving you peace of mind whether you’re experiencing the longest layover of your life or just don’t have the right outlet adaptor. 


These suggestions were brought to you by our team. When we aren’t designing travel pillows and dreaming up products like OSTRICHPILLOW MINI, you can find us busy making memories.

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Header photo by Caroline Selfors
Photo by STIL on Unsplash
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