Nimbus Pillow soars with American Airlines

Leave lower back pain at the gate. Nimbus Pillow, our brand new lumbar cushion, soars into American Airlines' Premium Economy Class just in time for summer.

After years of anticipation, we're celebrating the debut of Nimbus Pillow, our first-ever lumbar cushion, designed exclusively for American Airlines.

When we talk about the Rest Revolution, part of our mission is to inspire people to make Rest second-nature. But the other part of our mission is to change the way people rest. With our latest product, we're taking our impact to new heights—literally.

Nimbus Pillow, designed exclusively for American Airlines' Premium Economy Class, is both our first foray into lumbar cushions, as well as our first ever exclusive, in-flight product. Through Nimbus, we'll be able to make a direct impact on passengers—redefining the way people Rest while up in the air.

The Nimbus origin story

The story of Nimbus Pillow began a few years back, when American Airlines announced plans to overhaul its Premium Economy Class.
Our solution was not your average airplane pillow. Versatile, cloud-like, and supportive, this lumbar cushion offers structured lower back support while also being adaptable for various uses.
Many formidable companies were considered to participate in this project, so we were thrilled when Ostrichpillow was selected as one of the brands contributing to American’s updated cabin comfort.

Versatile, supportive, and one-of-a-kind

Our goal was to make Nimbus Pillow stand out both within the industry and to passengers with its unique design and adaptability.
Crafted to cradle the lumbar region, Nimbus provides gentle yet firm support, contouring to embrace the back's curvature across three zones. This accommodates various body types and support preferences, allowing passengers to lean into its plush cushioning or fold it for extra reinforcement.
And it's versatile too—side sleepers can use it as a comfortable prop, while those needing neck support can drape it over their shoulders to use as a neck pillow.

A sustainable design solution

Another challenge we were faced with was figuring out the most sustainable way to produce a high-volume product with frequent turnover. Because Nimbus will be used in-cabin, each product will be regularly washed and therefore has a limited lifespan.
To prevent creating too much waste, we selected recycled R-PET microfiber and filling. Not only eco-friendly, but luxuriously soft, this choice aligns with American Airlines' commitment to sustainability.

Elegant and timeless

True to Ostrichpillow's signature style, Nimbus boasts a sleek, minimalist design that seamlessly integrates with American's interior. Its understated elegance, characterized by smooth lines and subtle hues, elevates it to a timeless cabin accessory.

A milestone for the Rest Revolution

We're incredibly proud of Nimbus Pillow and excited to see it taking off in American Airlines Premium Economy Class.
This launch marks a significant milestone, enabling us to impact users on a larger scale than ever before. With American Airlines operating roughly 6,700 daily flights, this project promises direct daily impact on thousands of travelers.
We're confident that Nimbus Pillow will set a new standard for in-flight relaxation, ensuring travelers arrive at their destination fully refreshed and ready for the adventures ahead.


At Ostrichpillow, we're all about empowering Rest—anywhere, anytime.
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