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Usually we think of cafes as places that sell caffeine, not sleep. But over the past few years that idea has been challenged as more and more nap bar have started sprouting up across the world. 

Giving people indulgent moments of rest and offering an energy boost to get them through the day, nap cafes react to the same problems most of us are looking to solve with our after-lunch lattes. 

Whether you’re a local looking to squeeze some rest into your hectic schedule or a traveler trying to power up before you take on the town, here’s our guide to five snooze-worth cafes around the world.


Part meditation studio part power nap destination, Recharj offers a restful retreat in the center of Washington D.C. Shielded by privacy drapes the napping cocoon is complete with a blanket, head pillow, and eye pillow. As the lights dim and soothing sounds play you to sleep, stretch out on the six foot long new-age beanbag and drift into napping bliss. 

With a phone charging station and complimentary premium tea, you'll wake up recharged and ready to take on the rest of your day. 

Purchase a 25 minute nap for $9 or buy an unlimited 10-day trial for $30.


Though their main product isn’t coffee, Casper’s Dreamery does include a complimentary one after you've woken up from a 45 minute snooze on one of the brand’s mattresses. 

Nested in a private nook with your very own on-loan pj’s and baggie filled with Sunday Riley facial products, the sheer amount of amenities makes the experience almost spa like, with every detail accounted for. Need something to tame bed head? They've got combs. Not interested in calming music? Earplugs. Need anything else in general? There's a bounty of Q-tips, cotton pads, toothpaste, and toothbrushes. With everything so well taken care of, all that’s left for you to do is dream. 

$25 for a 45 minute nap session

Siesta & Go

Though it appears like the Spanish tradition of afternoon siestas is dying out, nap cafes like Madrid’s Siesta & Go are helping to keep the practice alive. Located in a district filled with offices, it offers private rooms and bunks in shared spaces where workers are invited to make the most of their breaks. For those who just need some peace and quiet there are magazines, books, and desk areas to work at. For Spain’s hotter months, there’s even a shower for cooling off. 

Private rooms start at €8 an hour, with bunks starting at €6 an hour.

What started in London as a pop-up has become a permanent installation thanks to the overwhelming amount of popular demand. With sessions that start at half an hour, the private nap rooms at Pop & Rest can be reserved for up to four hours and are a welcome space not only for locals who need more shut eye, but also tourists looking to rest up before they hit the city. With included amenities like a shower, you’re sure to leave fresher than when you arrived. 

Prices start at £8 for 30 minutes.


For hopeful nappers, Hong Kong’s first capsule hotel is a smart answer to the city’s pricy real estate. Whether booking for only 45 minutes or an entire night’s stay, SLEEEP has streamlined their process so guests can arrive and simply start sleeping. With a check-in process that’s as simple as scanning a QR code, you can pick your prefered mattress firmness, pillow type, and blanket thickness before you even arrive. 

With sleep inducing lighting, locally sourced amenities, and a focus on sustainability, every part of the experience is perfectly calibrated to leave you and the world that little bit better. 

Prices and length of stay range from 99 HKD for 45 minutes to 699HDK for 24 hours. 

For the dreamers who crave a midday snooze but can’t make it to a nap cafe, there are still lots of options. Whether using pillows like Go to enjoy cozy comfort during your travels, Loop to block out distractions, or Original for a totally immersive and restful experience, napping doesn’t have to be confined to cafes. Finally, a trend that everyone can get behind.

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