Mobile Homes to enjoy life out of your comfort zone

Mobile Homes - Ostrichpillow Magazine

Having trouble compromising with just one thing lately? Maybe that’s because you don’t really have to. Maybe you wanna choose the freedom of rolling on a new ground inside these gorgeous mobile homes… far out of your comfort zone.

Vistabule | Small, light and cute teardrop trailer

“A tool to fulfill a dream”, these friendly and customizable mobile houses treasure the very essence of the American spirit. Widely adopted in the 1930s –in the sorrowful times of the Great Depression–, the vintage looking teardrop trailer has now refreshed its success in a much happier context. A mobile haven for traveling through the natural wonders and set off for an exciting and unknown adventure in a totally new world.

Mobile Homes - Ostrichpillow Magazine

Ecocapsule | A luxurious micro-home for a sustainable living

If this wonder of design and technology doesn’t fulfill your desire for a true independent living, maybe it’s time to look for farther extraterrestrial solutions. The perfect match of traveling and sustainability in the long run, Ecocapsule has moved from a clever design concept to a smart mobile home which utilizes solar and wind energy to keep the dream going even in the remotest places. If you want to change the world, why not start by changing yours in the first place?

Mobile Home - Ostrichpillow Magazine

Animated Forest | A living creature for glamping in raw nature

A bespoke house on the go designed by creative studio Francis and Arnett, the Animated Forest provides a memorable and functional nomad experience for the quirky kind. The exterior of the cabin resembles a mythological creature that wanders through the landscape while the top-quality interior is plenty of luxurious design details and materials. A circular threshold blends the experience of raw nature and heavenly comfort.

Mobile Homes - Ostrichpillow Magazine

Land Ark | Comfortably curated design in a modern RV

Land Ark’s design is not only aesthetically gorgeous but also practical and smart. Its creators are a young creative couple that has been living in their own tiny mobile home since 2012. This first prototype –both house and beta test– has allowed them to follow an extensive research and development, the seed of the actual Land Ark model. A modern RV fully equipped for the pursuit of happiness, luxury, freedom, adventure, home ownership... or just a weekend retreat. Let’s start dreaming somewhere!
Maybe you have felt the urge to leave everything behind and pictured yourself living wildly inside one of these gorgeous mobile homes. We have too. Our dear GO can be the perfect travel companion for the occasional brief moments of homesickness.

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Main photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash
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