Meet Heatbag: a huggable soothing everyday companion

Heatbag by Ostrichpillow

Softness and warmth to relax and relieve the pressures of modern life.

Constantly fighting against deadlines, tight schedules and a difficult balance between personal and professional life, we have realized that sometimes, when the pressures of modern life are overwhelming, all we need to take care of ourselves is a moment of relaxation with a warm companion at our side. Something to hug, something to hold on to and transport us to our own safe place when we get home, when we lie on the couch, when we get into bed. In short, a bit of warmth always by our side. But we weren't able to find anything similar. No hot water bottle was enough to make us feel safe, no cushion was warm enough. So we imagined Heatbag.


Heatbag is a soft bag that you can heat up and hug whenever you need a warm companion that gives you a comforting feeling of security. A cushioned way to forget about those pressures of modern life and go into a relaxed mode. But not only that, it can also be used both hot and cold to relieve various types of muscle and joint pain.

Heatbag by Ostrichpillow

Our design process

When we started designing Heatbag we realized that there were many features we wanted to include in one single object: we wanted to stimulate the feeling of a warm hug rather than just a single shot of heat. Besides, it had to be easy and safe to use –no water involved, then–, it had to have a long-lasting heat release and, of course, it had to be soft and cuddly. We went step by step.

The clay bag

The starting point was the filling. We did not want to use water because of the problems we had seen with traditional hot water bottles: the faulty products because of the rubber damage and also the injuries caused by burning. We also wanted to reduce the water consumption. After many tests, we found the solution in clay: a natural material with the capacity to heat and cool and that can be used unlimited times. We also found that its heat is more durable. And it is extremely easy to use: just put it in the microwave for a few seconds –or a little longer in the freezer if you want it cold– and put it in the cover.

The soft cover

From the inside we went to the outside. We wanted Heatbag to be a companion rather than just a performance or medical product. And we found something interesting: we discovered that by hugging and receiving hugs we generate dopamine, which helps us relieve stress and tension. So we worked around the shape and size to create an object that could adapt to the body, and we used recycled foam and an extremely soft and smooth fabric to enhance that feeling of wellbeing. Physical but also emotional relief that is always available when you need it.

The smart heat release

To make it complete, we still needed to solve one of the usual drawbacks of standard hot water bottles: heat release. These, being similar on both sides, lose a lot of heat on the side that is not in contact with the body, making its effect disappear quickly. So we designed Heatbag with two clearly identified sides: the one towards your body has a thin layer enough to prevent you from being burned by heat or cold, the external face is insulated with a double layer, preventing temperature loss, and with it, a warm experience much more durable, efficient, and natural, as it is released during a longer period of time.

A huggable warm companion

Huggable, smart, easy and safe to use, Heatbag is that companion that waits for you at home and makes you forget about all the problems. Resting on the couch, keeping your feet warm in bed or soothing your body after a workout, it helps you get that moment of complete relaxation so necessary for you to take care of yourself


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