Meet Candle: a reminder to actively create a habit

Ostrichpillow Candle

Light, scent, and a customizable jar so you can stick to your Self-Care routines easily.

Taking care of oneself –physically, mentally or emotionally– should be a habit that forms part of our daily lives. Whether it's a 5-minute breathing meditation microsession, a time to draw without distractions, or simply journaling for pleasure, we should all have a moment to devote to ourselves. But including –and maintaining– a habit of Self-Care in our already hectic routines is not so easy; we've tried it several times, and failed as many times. It requires what is called the 3Rs of habit change: Reminder, Routine, Reward. Therefore, each habit always begins with a reminder to take action. No matter what type of ritual you are willing to initiate, we needed something to act as a reminder of it, something to get us going, to connect us physically with that new ritual. And finally we created Candle.

Ostrichpillow Candle


Candle is a scented candle that facilitates the inclusion of Self-Care habits in a natural and calm way. The combination of light and scent transforms the atmosphere and frame of mind, encouraging you to take action and start practicing that new routine. A reminder that makes it easier for you to visualize and achieve your new goals.

Our design process

Creating Candle was a whole process. As an object with an immaterial purpose, all the design details had to favor that goal, and be able to maintain it over time. As an object that is consumed when used, its composition had to be environmentally friendly.

The ceramic jar

To act as a personal reminder, Candle needed to have a neutral but customizable aesthetic: if everyone has their own habits, everyone should have their own version of Candle. That is why we made a minimalist, matt white, and decorative jar with a label to write down that habit. If it changes, the label can be removed and replaced for a new one. Or if the wax is consumed, the jar can still be used as a habit totem and used to plant herbs, to fill it with a DIY candle, or with anything that could help. Your habit, your choice.

The vegan wax

The interior of the jar also needed to be neutral but also eco-friendly. The composition we chose was soy wax, which is not only vegan but also biodegradable and has a longer life than traditional paraffin candles. The wick is 100% cotton, and the essence has been made with phthalate-free essential oils and fragrances.

The natural fragrance

The fragrance of the candle plays a key role in promoting the right frame of mind.. That's why we chose a natural essence: lavender. It has been used as a timeless enchantment by many different cultures, as it can be found all over the world. And from a botanical perspective, lavender is a wonderful aroma and has some well-documented benefits: relaxation and calmness, helping to reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

Ostrichpillow Candle

A beautiful habit totem

More than just a scented candle, Candle is the spark that ignites that habit that is so important to you. It can be used whenever and wherever it's needed; even after it's burned out it can still do its job. The important thing is that it helps you become the best version of yourself.


Self-Care Matters.

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