Meet Bamboo Compression Socks: softness to feel active in absolute comfort

Bamboo compression socks

Compensate for the lack of movement in your day-to-day life effortlessly while keeping up your style.

As our only vessel, our body's health is the foundation from which Self-Care is built upon. However, in our busy day-to-day life we find it difficult –if not impossible– to find some time and space for physical Self-Care, and our sedentary lifestyle does not help much. We spend a lot of time sitting down: commuting, working, watching TV... Have you ever ended the day with swollen feet and legs, fatigue or blood pooling? This can be a health problem in the long run. So we decided to use all that time we spent sitting down to develop a product that could make up for this lack of movement and fit into everyone's busy schedule. The result is Bamboo Compression Socks.

Bamboo Compression Socks

Bamboo Compression Socks are socks that keep your legs active even when you are not moving. The secret –or rather, the science behind it– is its blend of bamboo and other fibres, which are interwoven in such a way that they maintain a constant pressure on the leg activating the blood circulation and therefore avoiding any related discomfort. A super soft touch and a stylish appearance do the rest.

Our design process

Starting to design socks has been an exciting challenge. Not only did we want to create an extra piece of clothing, but it had to have a function and be useful for personal wellbeing. And they had to be for everyday use, so they had to be comfortable, durable and, of course, aesthetically pleasing.

The materials

The first approach was the composition. Designed for daily use, the compression we were looking for had to be appropriate for improving blood circulation without being annoying or noticing that they are special socks. The experience had to be invisible. After many different tests and combinations, we selected a blend of bamboo, recycled polyester, recycled nylon and spandex. The bamboo is incredibly soft to wear, but also durable, eco friendly, and its natural antimicrobial properties keep it odorless. The recycled polyester and nylon allow the socks to adjust perfectly to the shape of the leg. First mission accomplished.

The durability

To be always ready to use, they had to be tough, anyway. Luckily, the areas of the socks that suffer the most wear are always the same –the heel and the toe–, so we went straight to work on them. We reinforced both sides while at the same time introducing a cushioned sole to increase comfort, and a mesh breathable texture to ventilate the feet and eliminate moisture.

The style

Once they were practical, we needed them to be stylish. Socks are no longer that hidden undergarment, but a part of the outfit. An important part of our identity is to design for everyone, so we opted for a balance between a classic look with a color line as a bold touch. In the end, depending on how much you show the socks you can be more traditional or unconventional. Working with several patterns at the same time we came up with the concept of twins, each sock different, reinforcing the idea of dynamism and movement.

Bamboo Compression Socks

Active legs everywhere

Super soft, stylish and, above all, functional, Bamboo Compression Socks have become an essential part of our daily routine. Whether it's to spend long days in front of the computer, sitting in the seat of an airplane while crossing the ocean or simply at home after a hard day, just wear them and let them keep your legs active for you. Self-Care should always be that easy.

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