Keys to choose your neck rest pillow. Keep your head firm!

Having a bad position while sleeping and traveling can easily cause neck pain. A pillow can minimize that if you take into account certain considerations.

Neck rest is usually forgotten when we talk about physical wellbeing. And it is a big mistake, because if it is not remedied, in the long run it can affect the quality of sleep and extend the discomfort to the rest of the spine – including the head. In most cases, however, the risk of suffering this pain can be prevented with a good neck rest pillow, and it is usually a bad position at bedtime that causes it. This is especially relevant for people who travel often and must sleep in the seat of an airplane or train – places that are not at all rest-friendly.

How to rest your neck in bed

Choosing the right pillow

When we think about a pillow we always relate it to the head and how we like it to rest: whether on a hard or a soft surface. But in reality, which is most affected by this choice is the neck, that can become misaligned with the spine and cause pain. For the best neck rest, experts recommend the following:

  • Try using a feather pillow, which easily fits the shape of the neck. However, feather pillows deform over time and must be replaced every year or so.
  • Memory foam pillows are also an excellent option, because that material compresses following exactly the shape of the head and neck./li>
  • Do not use a pillow which is too high or stiff, as it can keep the neck flexed all night long, leading to morning pain.

Neck rest pillow


Matching the pillow with the sleeping position

We've already told you here the best and worst sleeping positions. Whichever position you prefer, it is important that the pillow you choose supports the natural curve of your neck.

  • Back sleepers: thin pillows are the most beneficial. When you lie down, the curve of your neck should be similar to that of your upright body. If you are not sure, ask someone to check or take a picture.
  • Side sleepers: the pillow should be thicker than in the previous situation, as the shoulders raise the height of the head more. The thickness here will then depend on the width of the shoulders.

Stretching before bed

Relaxing your neck muscles before resting your head on the pillow can help prevent morning sores. Stretch gently, as the neck is a sensitive area. Tilt it sideways and back and forth with your hand, but don't apply excessive pressure. the weight of your head alone is sufficient.

How to rest your neck when traveling

Sleeping on a plane, train or car – or even sitting on the couch while watching TV – is a very direct way to hurt your neck if you don't have a proper neck rest. To avoid your head from dropping to one side if you doze, the best choice is a horseshoe-shaped pillow, as it keeps your neck upright. It is important that it has a firm consistency and adequate thickness so that it is not suffocating. OSTRICHPILLOW GO, composed of memory foam and soft fabric, fits perfectly around the neck providing that support.

Do you suffer from neck pain? Now you know that a neck rest pillow can be the solution.

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