How to work from home and keep your mind focused

Working remotely has many advantages, but if you are used to an office, it can affect your productivity and mental state. These tips can help you to stay on track.

How to work from home without losing your mind? How to keep your productivity levels with so many distractions around you? How to balance your personal and professional life staying at home all day long? These – and many more – are the most common questions that one begins to ask when working remotely for the first time. Going from a corporate workspace full of colleagues to a lonely desk at home is not an easy transition, and it is normal that tasks take more work to do and that the mind wanders off more. But it also has its advantages: less commuting time, more flexibility and autonomy. To become a master of remote work and keep your head focused, here are a few tips.

Tips to work from home

Organize your time

Working from home does not mean working all the time you are at home. Just as if you were in an office, set clear schedules, including lunch breaks, and stick to them. Also, learn when to stop.

Create an appropriate space

We know it's tempting to work from the couch – even from the bed! But if you want to be productive, set up a desk separate from the leisure and relaxation areas. Separating work from these places helps to organize your head and avoid distractions. And don't forget to keep it clean and tidy.

Get fully dressed

If you don't wear pajamas at the office, why do you wear them at home? Change your clothes every day – including your shoes – to feel motivated and confident. No need for a suit, smart casual is fine.

Breathe some fresh air

Not going outside for a long time can end up playing with your head. Take advantage of the fact that now you don't have to waste time on commuting to take a walk before or after you start working. It will quiet your thoughts, stretch your muscles and keep you active.

Take a break

When working in an office it is common to take a break from time to time: to go to the coffee machine, to talk to a colleague, to stretch your legs... At home you can do the same without feeling guilty as long as you do it in a smart way. You can even take the opportunity to take a power nap – at your desk, never in bed – using a special pillow like the OSTRICHPILLOW.

Don’t eat in front of the computer

When you work hard, you try to make the most of your time. But that doesn't mean you have to lose our habits. Eating is an act of disconnection that involves a certain ritual, and mixing it with work makes you not focus on one or the other.

Housework is not work

Do you have to do the laundry? Scrub the dishes? Vacuum the floor? Save it for later. Taking breaks to do household chores may seem like a way to make the most of your time, but they make you lose focus at work and end up spending too much time on them.

Don’t lose human touch

Emails and chats are a great tool for remote work, but sometimes there is nothing like verbal communication to solve problems quickly. Whenever you can, use the video call to see the other party on the other end. It will make you feel less alone.

How to work from home? Just make your home a proper office. As you can see, it’s not so difficult!

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Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash
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