How to relax on vacation and get total disconnection

Do you usually come back from your getaways with more stress than you left? Breaks shouldn’t be like that. Try these tips and enjoy a calm and energizing vacation.

How to relax on vacation? That shouldn't be hard to come by. After all, holidays are designed precisely to relax: their ultimate goal is relaxation – even if relaxation doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. But the reality is that holidays are often the complete opposite, whether it's poor planning that causes more headaches, the inability to completely disconnect from work, or a poor choice of destination. If you've ever experienced that, you know what we're talking about. But don't worry, because if you follow the tips we offer below, relaxing on holiday will never be a concern again.

Tips to relax on vacation

Planning, planning, planning

Planning a good vacation is not only a matter of booking the best flights and hotel in advance. Whenever you can, try to match the end of your holiday to the weekend, or get an extra day or two off to help you get back into the swing of things. Your head can't rest easy knowing that the day after a 14-hour transoceanic flight there's an inbox full of emails waiting for you.

Also, let the people you work with – colleagues, clients – know that you are planning a holiday, so that you can find someone available to act as a backup during your absence. Try not to put important deadlines near your vacation and don't forget to indicate in the calendar that you will be off.

Use your phone only to take pictures

Unbreakable rule: if you have a phone exclusively for work purposes, leave it at home. Well, if you have a position of great responsibility and need to take it with you, make it clear before you leave that it is only for emergencies – and define very well what you mean by emergency. Only tell the people who really need to get in touch with you that you will have your mobile phone at hand. If you can, leave only the call option activated – no mail, no messages.

Destination is key

Every person is different, also when it comes to choosing a holiday destination. For you, relaxing may mean going into nature, practicing slow travel or enjoying music at some of the world's best festivals. What is common to all these experiences is that you change your usual scenario for a totally new one. A recent German study has shown that people who spend four days in a hotel during their vacation are less stressed than those who decide to stay at home. So find a place you're passionate about and go for it!

Lighten your schedule

We usually have so little vacation time that it is normal to want to make the most of it. And that, at times, can be stressful. If you're travelling to a new destination, don't design itineraries full of places to visit and things to do minute by minute, or you'll end up frustrated that you can't do everything. Leave room for the unexpected and don't be afraid to do absolutely nothing. If your day-to-day life is hectic, don't replicate that behavior during your vacation.

Do what you normally can't do

Do you remember that book that's been sitting on the nightstand for months? Or that movie you forgot to go to the movies and that lasts too long? Or that exercise routine you always forget to practice? Taking up some of those activities – and being able to cross them off your list – can provide the peace of mind needed to relax on vacation. Or if you prefer, take advantage of your free time to try new things. Have you always dreamed of diving? Climbing? Eating exotic food? Give it a try, it's a vacation!

Sleep more

There is no greater pleasure in the world than to go to sleep and not set the alarm clock, but to let your own body decide when to wake up. Whether it's the night or a long nap, holidays are the perfect time to get back all those hours of sleep you missed during the months of hard work. And if you're going to be on the move a lot on your planned vacation, try using an OSTRICHPILLOW Light so you can sleep anywhere as if you were in your own bed.

How to relax on vacation? It is easy if you are willing to disconnect from your work responsibilities and embrace the vacation mode completely. The breaks are too short not to take advantage of them, so enjoy them to the fullest!

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Photos by Dayana Brooke on Unsplash
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