Caffeine nap: drinking coffee and sleep is possible

Coffee is supposed to keep you awake, but science says it could also help you to go dreaming. Let us explain how this works – because it works.

The most obvious reaction to hearing caffeine nap for the first time is to think of it as a great contradiction. Coffee is traditionally drunk to stay awake, while napping is essentially sleep. How can two radically opposite things be related? Let's take a look.

What is a caffeine nap?

A caffeine nap – also sometimes called coffee nap – could be described as that short period of sleep that occurs immediately after consuming coffee. It usually consists of a nap of no more than 15-20 minutes and, according to science, the combination helps prevent daytime sleepiness.

This unique phenomenon was discovered by British scientists at Loughborough University as they measured the brain waves of different participants in a study looking for ways to combat driver sleepiness. After several analyses, they discovered that the nap/coffee combo worked better together than its individual elements.

The reason behind this is that the effects of caffeine take about 20 minutes to take effect, so if the nap is produced right after drinking it, the body is actually using two ways to combat drowsiness. Sleeping helps the brain have more receptors available for caffeine, so the effect of coffee after a nap is more intense than usual.

To work properly, therefore, the nap should not exceed 20 minutes and the amount of caffeine ingested should be around 200 mg – an average cup usually contains 165 mg.

When to take a caffeine nap

Since the caffeine nap is a way to stay awake, the recommendation is to take it at those times during the day when the body feels extra sleepy, such as after lunch. It is better to avoid it near bedtime, because coffee takes several hours to disappear completely from the body and could cause insomnia.

How to take a caffeine nap

Get ready for the nap

The caffeine nap is short, so to get the most out of it you have to make the dream as pleasant as possible. Look for a calm place, with dim lights and without much noise. If you are in an environment where it is not easy to achieve these requirements, you can turn to an OSTRICHPILLOW Original, our immersive pillow that isolates from the outside world.

Drink your coffee

All set? Now it's time to drink coffee. As mentioned above, a large cup contains enough caffeine to achieve the desired effect. Sugary drinks with caffeine are not recommended because they can produce glucose-rush that doesn't help you sleep.

Set an alarm

It is very important that the nap does not last more than 20 minutes, as the effects can vary a lot – as explained here. If you're one of those who can easily get carried away, use an alarm that's not too loud – but not too soft either – to wake you up in time.

Start moving

Waking up is always difficult, but the best way to make the caffeine nap work is to activate it as soon as the alarm sounds. The caffeine will start to take effect and the energy will feel stronger.

Did you ever think that drinking coffee and sleeping could be compatible? Well, caffeine nap proves it.

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