Best travel blogs: our list of favorites to read and get inspired

Planning your next trip? Enjoy the thrilling stories and interesting tips from the most wanderlust people.

The Internet is full of lots of amazing travel blogs. You may find thousands of results in the Google search and almost all of them might appease you. But what is the best travel blog? Looking at all of them to see if they are worth following can be a bit tiring and a huge waste of your time, especially when quite a few of them are not the real deal. That’s why we had the thought to share some of our favorite ones – the ones we like best. These ones – we can guarantee – are worth your time.

Our best travel blogs


Maptia is one of our favorite blogs. You can call it an all-in-one travel blog. In this modern time, it is hard to find a glimpse of the past. Usually, bloggers only want to visit and write about popular cities. But here, Maptia group has done something very different. From the name of the blog to the design and writing style everything makes you feel as if you were the one traveling.

Maptia is a joint project run by a diverse group of writers, photographers, and designers. They give their readers a world of inspiring and thought-provoking stories. This blog is funded by volunteers.

Roads & Kingdom

The best traveling guide website you can find on the internet is Roads & Kingdom. If you want to know about the cultures of specific countries, then this is your go-to blog. From the writing style to the design of their website, everything is exceptional. 

‘The bootleggers of Madagascar’ is one of their top posts, rich with powerful vocabularies. The way the writer describes his journey is just about perfect. It makes the reader yarn to visit the country and enjoy their culture.

Atlast & Boots

If you like to do and read something daring and adventurous then you must read the blog posts of Atlast & Boots. They give a perfect blend of thrilling activities and joy in their unique style. This blog covers outdoor travel blog posts.

One of their best blog posts is ‘A walk among giants in the Karakoram’. This blog describes the beauty of Pakistan and the daring challenge to pass the K2 – one of the world's finest high-altitude treks.

Best travel blogs: our list of favorites

How to start a travel blog

People who like traveling usually like reading about travel too. Travel blogs are also ideal for people who can’t travel themselves, but love to hear about the experiences of other people and to learn about different cultures and countries. Travel experiences and misfortunes are also very fun to read about, and people generally like sharing their stories, funny or adventurous. If you want to start a travel blog, you need to follow a few tips and tricks.

There are 4 easy, brief steps to starting a travel blog of your own. Creating a blog is not hard, but it takes patience.

Find a perfect name

The name of your blog will determine your audience. The more creative the name is, the more interested your audience will be. One crucial point to keep in mind while thinking of a name for your travel blog; don’t mention anything specific. For example, don’t mention a specific continent or country in your name, and don’t limit it to a certain age group. Like the name 'TeenTravelers'.

Set up the hosting

You can’t start a travel blog without proper hosting. You need to choose a host that suits your needs. WordPress offers its own hosting, but you can go to BlueHost and some other popular hosting platforms too.

Customize your blog

A travel blog with beautiful pictures of landscapes, outdoor activities, and greenery is an ideal one. The look your blog gives will determine how frequently your viewers will visit your blog. You need a nice logo, a refreshing theme, and some creative and useful plugins are essential.

Good content matters

You need content addressing the basic travel issues and all the information a traveler needs. A travel blog, along with travel guides, needs some stories of adventures.


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