Best places to nap – beyond your sofa and your bed

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Do you need to take a break and catch some ZZZs but your home is too far away? These locations are accessible and rest-friendly.

It is the day after a long sleepless night, the fifth coffee is insufficient, and you are desperately looking for places to nap and rest, even if only for a few minutes. A chair or a bench could work, but the city is full of locations that provide a rest almost as comfy as the one you would get by lying in your bed. And in plain sight.

Places to nap in the city – and not be noticed

The movie theater

Dim light, comfortable seats, and absolute silence: cinemas are a nap paradise. If you are falling asleep and you have one nearby, do not hesitate to invest one ticket's money in a repairing and quiet rest. However, you will have to choose a film that doesn't seem too strident – even better if it's in a language you don't understand. After an hour and a half, you'll be out of there like a new person. Disclaimer: this option is not suitable for snorers.

The library

Cool and modern libraries are filled with soft sofas and hidden corners where you can read without being disturbed. Simply replace the books with an Eye Mask, so the light doesn't bother you. It's not a place for long naps – people usually don’t spend too much time reading–but it is enough to recharge the batteries quickly.


The furniture store

After hotels, they are the closest place to your home without really being your home: complete bedrooms with king-sized beds fully equipped with the most comfortable sheets and blankets, massive sofas, sturdy armchairs. Wait a minute. Although it looks like a house, it is not a house, so always behave properly: this is only for power naps.

The park

If the day is sunny and the temperature is pleasant, direct your sleeping steps to the nearest park, look for a shady tree and just lie on the ground. Again, an Eye Mask can help you achieve total darkness and promote sleep. Humankind has slept on the ground for years, so you can too.

The nap bar

It's one of the best inventions for sleepyheads. Despite its name, do not expect to find any food and drink here. Instead, there are beds in single or shared rooms, and slots can be booked from minutes to hours – the staff wakes you up when the time comes – ideal for those freelance workers who spend the day touring the city between stressful meetings.

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Places to nap in public – when there’s no other option

The work desk

Sometimes working days can be exhausting, and there's nothing like being well rested for maximum performance. It’s better napping than drinking gallons of coffee, so clear your desk, protect yourself from light and noise with Original Napping Pillow and forget about emails and calls for a minute.

The subway

Commuting early in the morning can cause you to have the urge to finish that wonderful dream you left halfway in bed – especially if the trips are very long. You're not alone. Taking a nap on the subway is more than socially accepted, but you have to get a good seat, preferably at one end of the car – and you can always use Light Versatile Pillow.

The airport

People in suits or wearing flip flops, whole families... In airports, you can see almost everyone sleeping, either sitting on a chair or lying on the floor, so it's ok if you want to do the same. Terminals are usually a little more comfortable than airplanes so take advantage of the moment.

Do you know about any other best places to nap? Share them with us!




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