Amsterdam off the beaten path: offbeat guide

Amsterdam Guide by Ostrichpillow


In Amsterdam, people may come and go but you will always feel at home.

Amsterdam is so welcoming, wondrous and well-travelled that before you know it you might find yourself as a passionate group member of a neo-K-pop band with a jazzy flavour. This is Amsterdam off the beaten path. 

A place to rest... Volkshotel

In Amsterdam, every wall has a door. And every door is open. All things considered, it is very likely that one of those doors leads to a hotel, inn, hostel, sleeping boat... or just a cozy place to have a nap. In this blooming scene, Volksthotel is quite something. A hotel of the people and former newspaper headquarters where dreaming is guaranteed. Stockbrokers, punk rockers, dandies and poets. A place for everyone “where nothing is standard, not even our standard room”. Be prepared for the unexpected. Or just be.

Amsterdam Guide by Ostrichpillow

Volkshotel, Mark Groeneveld

A place to work on the go… Lotti’s, The Hoxton

There are many inspiring environments where you can bring your laptop –or your pen and paper– and work on the go in Amsterdam. Located beside a dreamy canal, the trendy Hoxton hotel also holds the lively Lotti’s, the perfect spot to grab a bite or sip a delicious cup of coffee while making the most of your remote working duties. Charging stations and USB ports near every table will keep your juices flowing. Oh, Lotti’s even opens till late, so no excuse for night-thinkers!

Amsterdam guide by Ostrichpillow
Lotti’s, The Hoxton Hotel, Amsterdam

A place to feel inspired… Hutspot

Uncertainties are cool. But one thing we love being sure about is that Hutspot will keep surprising us. In this boutique-like store, you can find enough ideas to stay inspired until your next trip to Amsterdam. Search through some of the most unique pieces made with love by uplifting creatives, artists and design brands –and try to leave with just a few! Fashion, lifestyle and interior design are everywhere in this cozy boutique store that will rekindle your five or six senses. Besides, how cool is it to be housed in a former syrup factory?

Amsterdam Guide by Ostrichpillow
Hutspot Rozengracht, Amsterdam

A place to be surprised... Vuurtoreneiland Zomerrestaurant

Dining on a secret island sounds the kind of plan that you would feel like doing even with your eyes closed. The pop-up restaurant experience of Vuurtoreneiland Zomerrestaurant happens inside a greenhouse and only for a limited time in summer. Arriving by boat, you will enjoy a locally-produced menu that will make the experience even more tasty. The only downside is that here you can’t improvise. So this time –this once– plan and book in advance. Mmm, lekker!

Amsterdam guide by Ostrichpillow

Vuurtoreneiland Zomerrestaurant

A place to dream wildly... Over the Edge, A’DAM Lookout

If you think that you have already seen everything, look for the city skyline in motion from 100 meters above the ground. High doses of adrenaline will pump into your body while you have one of the most exciting urban experiences at Europe’s highest swing. Located at the top of 22-story tower A’DAM Toren, ‘Over the Edge’ will let you see the city as you would have never imagined. Who said that sightseeing had got boring?

Amsterdam Guide by Ostrichpillow

Over the Edge, A’DAM Lookout
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Main image: Photo by Robin Benzrihem on Unsplash
Header image: Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash
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