5 Things to do on a long car ride and make time fly

5 great ways to stay entertained during a long car ride, from games and podcasts to snacks and naps, there is something for everyone!

Long car rides provoke different feelings in each of us. For some, the idea of being stuck in a car for hours on end is equatable with something truly terrible; for others, a long car ride is exciting as it means setting out on a big adventure! Whichever of the two camps you fall into, it is important to have ready some things to do on a long car ride, because boredom can hit hard for even the most delighted of car travelers. No matter if the drive has a specific destination or if the car ride is the trip itself, try these ideas for what to do on your next long car ride.

What to do on a long car ride

Play some games

There are some games that are simply synonymous with being played in the car. The license plate game, the alphabet game, and I spy, for example, are all games that have been played in the car since, well, probably since the very beginning of long car rides. Games are great not only to keep kids entertained, but also to keep them off of their iPads and other electronics for a while. Even if there aren’t any kids in the car, games can be a good source of entertainment and a great distraction for adults as well. Here is a fun list by Buzz Feed of 14 Road Trip Games that even Adults will enjoy.

Listen to comedy

Take advantage of your time in the car to get in some laughs! Stand-up comedy is a really good choice for long drives, especially when your mind is free, you’ve got a couple of hundred miles before your next exit and you need to kill the time. You can search for stand-up comedy right on your Spotify account and get ready to giggle the drive away. Romper has a list of 11 Comedy Podcasts that are spot-on for a long car ride.

Have a snack

When it comes to things to bring on a long car ride, you can’t forget the snacks! Snacking is one way to stay awake and to entertain yourself for a while when on a long drive. Make sure to pack a variety of snacks ahead of time. Go with a range of healthy snacks to some guilty pleasures to keep things interesting. You can also do some research on good places to stop on the way. A truly local snack is a great addition to your road trip!

5 things to do on a long car ride

Put on a podcast or audiobook

If the music gets old or you need a break from the comedy, podcasts and audiobooks are another excellent entertainment option. If you can get your hands on a series of audiobooks it really works to build and maintain your interest over the course of the drive. Plus, the podcast options are truly endless and there is most definitely something to pick everyone’s interest. You can find free audiobooks online, or you can purchase them from bookstores or Amazon.

Take a nap

When you’ve exhausted all of your entertainment ideas, what’s left but to take a nice nap? Sleeping is a pretty great way to pass the time. Apologize in advance to the driver (hey, they’ll get their turn soon enough!) and go for a little shut-eye. Don’t forget your pillows and neck cushions, like our Ostrichpillow Go with total neck support and high-quality memory foam to get you some truly quality sleep, even on the go.

Long drives, regardless if they are to get to a certain destination or if the drive is the trip itself, can be super entertaining if you’re properly prepared. If boredom strikes while in the middle of a long drive, it can really kill the mood! Try these 5 things to do on a long car ride the next time you’re gearing up for one of those and let us know how it goes!

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Photo by Averie Woodard on Unsplash
Photo by Emerson Peters on Unsplash

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