5 Self-Care tips to get back to work

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The dog days of summer are coming to a close, and as August slips away, it’s time to start thinking about changing up your routine and settling into the crisp, cool days of autumn. It can be tough to transition back to your regular non-summer schedule of work, school, and other activities after long, lazy days spent at the beach and enjoying non-structured time poolside or on holiday. How can you soften the switch back to work and school? Read on for a few ideas.

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To help you ease back into the day-to-day that comes with the changing of the seasons, try devoting time to your daily Self-Care practice. This could include anything you do that makes you feel calm, cared-for, and boosts your mood. Some examples:

  1. A soothing wind-down routine at the end of the day, like a warm bath with scented oils.

  2. Take a few moments to yourself to meditate. Try covering your eyes using a product like Eye Mask from Ostrichpillow, and finding a quiet space where you can focus on your breathing.

  3. Unwind and release tension with a post-dinner walk to stretch your legs and breathe in the cool late-summer air.

  4. Spend a few moments with a gratitude journal, writing down the things that you’re thankful for and things that brought you joy during the day.

  5. Treat yourself to your favorite meal at the end of a long week. Sometimes we forget to nourish our souls as well as our bodies, and enjoying your favorite foods — taking time to savor every bite — can be an important part of Self-Care.

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Establishing a routine can boost mental health

Studies have shown that sticking to a consistent routine can have positive effects on your overall well being, as well as better sleep and a decreased chance of developing depression. By practicing a Self-Care routine that nourishes your body and mind, you are investing in your physical, emotional, and mental health — as well as boosting your mood and making you feel great.

Self-Care doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as taking a moment before bed to read a few pages of a book, writing in a journal, or doing a few quick yoga stretches before you start your day. Taking this time to pause and reflect on your day with intention centers your mind and leaves you with a calm feeling that leads to a better mood and improved sleep at night. 

Not sure where to start with your Self-Care journey? Try these easy activities to jump-start your practice. 

  • Spend five minutes looking at the clouds or the stars in the sky to calm and center your mind.
  • Try some simple yoga poses to relax your body and provide a gentle stretch. Good choices are child’s pose, downward-facing dog, or sphinx pose. 
  • Make yourself a cup of tea and sit quietly for a few minutes inhaling the aroma and appreciating the warmth.

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Self-Care is essential for physical and mental wellbeing, especially in times of transition, like when you’re returning to your regular routine after a summer of travel, camp, or other activities. It can be helpful to stick to a consistent Self-Care practice during these periods of change to help you ease into the changing seasons with strength and serenity. 


Self-Care Matters.

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