3 Self-Care Journal ideas to get you started

Self-Care Journal

Starting a new journal is never easy, and even less so when it's your first time doing it. To spark your mood and make you forget the fear of the blank page, we asked three Self-Care Journal users to show us some examples and give us their tips. Here are 3 Self-Care Journal ideas.


Anna is 34. She is from Michigan but she’s been living in New York for 5 years now. 2020 was the hardest one –too much time at home due to the lockdown. Now she feels she is starting almost from scratch in the city.

Paris, Texas is her favorite movie. She prefers her mom's potato salad rather than ramen, even though she has traveled to Japan five or six times already.

Her tips for filling out the Self-Care Journal are:

  • Use different colors, once to write, another to highlight.
  • For the daily check, I found it was much better to write concepts rather than long texts, which I keep for the open space.
  • I journal just before brushing my teeth and going to bed, it helps me to keep my mind free of worries while sleeping.

Self-Care Journal


Jin is 42. He works at a tech startup in Oxford and became a father for the first time two years ago. Since then he has been struggling to find the right balance between his personal and professional life.

He loves to play tennis (even if he has less time to practice now), and his childhood dream is to learn to play the piano.

His tips for filling out the Self-Care Journal are:

  • Use capital letters. Writing each letter separately helps me focus on what I want to say and reinforces the concept in my mind.
  • Drawing little emojis next to my intentions so I can take a quick glance.
  • Every time I write in the journal, I light a candle and play quiet music to create a unique atmosphere that helps me reflect.

Self-Care Journal


Olivia is 37. She was born in Italy but raised in a suburb near San Francisco. She runs her own business, an online specialty coffee store that consumes most of her time. Last month she bought a house, so she feels it’s a great opportunity for a fresh start.

She loves to cook for his family –Italian pasta, of course– and enjoys listening to old classic 60's records. He would love to visit South America someday.

Her tips for filling out the Self-Care Journal are:

  • I like to write what I feel exactly how it sounds in my head, it makes the process more natural –even if it does not make sense sometimes.
  • I have a pen that I use exclusively for journaling. It helps me build a sense of continuity.
  • Every morning when I wake up I read the intentions I wrote down the night before to keep them clear in my head.

Self-Care Journal



Self-Care Matters.

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